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Get one-on-one "professional coaching" to get faster where you want to be and clearer on issues most impactful in your professional life. Coaching is self-empowerment by way of increased self-awareness and honest self-knowledge. Your coach is your co-pilot twards success by helping you uncover knowledge gaps and easily overcome chronic challenges in your role.

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The free consultation will assess if professional coaching is appropriate for you. It's not for everyone.

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It will deliver value in an easy and safe conversation that concerns your professional goals.

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Ambition is seeing what you can be rather than what you are. A capable coach will hand you technology to personify your greatest potential consistently with your ambition.


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“Mr. Stambouly is engaged in learning from his clients and peers as much as he coaches - he listens, learns, responds, and moves with both humility and power to help his clients and partners produce the results they want.”

Jack M. President and CTO at T3 Sixty

Professional Coaching

Transitioning to executive leadership is personal change that presents an array of professional challenges, obligations and opportunities demanded by the C-suite. Excelling requires that you energize your inner power, beyond soft skills and beyond ordinary leadership, to cultivate influence, authority and superior leadership.

Coaching Tomorrow's Superior Leaders

Discover how executive coaching will help you produce higher incomes and an extraordinary career.

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Executive Coaching for Superior Leadership

“When I was facing ambiguity in my career, Ernest helped me realize my value and discover my direction by offering truly unique insights. He is a great listener who knows how to communicate with powerful, thought-provoking language. Consulting with him has caused me to take effective action, make meaningful changes, and increase my revenue.”

Shanna Y. Marketing Director

Coaching Packages

We deliver Coaching Packages relevant to specific leadership roles.

The Business Executive

Humanistic-Centered Leadership: If already at the top, we work with you on self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, listening skills and empathy in a Humanistic philosophy.

The Technology Executive

C-suite Integration: Develop the responsibility and skill to lead the business technology dialogue coherently with business strategy, and confidently amongst C-suite peers.

The Entrepreneur

Monetize Innovation: Master the power of language for successfully designing, introducing and selling innovative an highly-competitive products and services in the marketplace.

“Speaking as a high-tech business owner and entrepreneur, Ernest Stambouly has introduced insights and approaches to business development that changed how I view my customers and the value I provide to them. He helped me produce new approaches that have, in the last year, significantly increased my revenues, built market identity, and earned new customers.”

Jim A. Owner at FastPilot Inc.

Professional Coaching Benefits

Increase your income, enterprise value, and net worth by positively influencing other's opportunities to succeed. Abandon disempowering ways of being and learn how to project trustworthiness, authority, and incisiveness in business dialogue

Achieve your professional objectives rapidly and confidently.

Increase self-awareness of your capacities, motives and values.

Find your voice to earn an influential seat amongst leaders.

Cultivate self-trust to lead and inspire trustworthiness.

Speak powerfully to compel opportunity into others.

Learn to mobilize by enrolling others in your vision.

Articulate business strategy clearly and incisively.

Ready to energize your ambition?

Ambition is not self-interest or greed, as popular culture woud have us believe.

Ambition is a story of a satisfactory future that you tell yourself, a future you intend to produce for you and your family. 

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“Ernest has helped me make money by applying strategic knowledge to common situations in my construction business. Thanks to his business coaching, I’ve been able to design new and highly competitive offers and have them accepted, resulting in increased revenue. This helped us both “make money” and I am committed to continuing to design and innovate together..”

David D. CEO and President at Doyle Construction Inc.

Why Work With a Coach?

Executive coaching is the most effective leadership training opportunity for professionals looking for superior leadership and valued accomplishments.

The growing demand for professional coaching is forced by increasing competitiveness due to the rapid pace of change in the marketplace. If you are a business owner, executive, consultant, or a professional in any leadership and influential position, settling for standard leadership education, meetups, and peer forums guarantees you'll not be able to compete in the top 5th percentile of highly-compensated roles in the marketplace.

Ambitious business leaders work with a coach to get direct access to expert help energizing their inner power to lift performance, influence, and authority to heights not possible with standard leadership training, self-improvement programs, and peer forums.

Professional and executive coaching is growing in demand:


Business leaders and executives choose one-on-one executive coaching


Attend workshops and meetings outside of the organization


Connect to a national group of executives

Source: Community Foundation survey, “what leadership training opportunities leaders currently have?” 

Survey says that the most popular option is non-individual mass-produced professional education, and half believe in birds of a feather flock together. But here is the key to your success:

Professionals who seek superior accomplishments and higher incomes never settle for standard, mass-produced professional education alone. They almost always represent the smallest percentile because of the Pareto power-law distribution inherent in any competence scale.

In the survey, that's the 5% respondents who choose to work with a coach to energize their professional life. We also know that well from our coaching profiles.

64% of survey respondents said they would like to get one-on-one executive coaching, but in the end, only those with a desire for being a top performer will seek the help of an executive coach.

Executive Coaching for Top Performers

It's not that we choose to exclusively coach top performers. Only top performers seek the help of a professional coach.

Who is Your Professional Coach?

My name is Ernest Stambouly, I am an executive coach, author, and business owner.

I help professionals make meaningful change in their life. The way I do that is help them produce extraordinary accomplishments becuase, short of extraordinary, one does not get noticed but gets more of the same, regardless of how hard they work.

To produce extraordinary accomplishments we must personify our greatest potential, and to do that, we must learn to energize our inner power. Nothing else, no training, certification, or leadership program, comes close in effectiveness.

Having launched and operated a high-tech consulting business for 17 years, I decided to become a professional coach to help others not waste time on work, thinking and beliefs that will defeat them. Instead, focus one's energy on empowering what is most aligned with their life's mission.

Resilience, autonomously and responsibility are the key to professional success in the 21st century. We live in an era of unprecedented power in the hands of the individual. This means that whether you are a corporate executive, a small-business owner, or a professional contemplating a career transition, learning to adapt rapidly to present era demands will help you become an effective leader in a radically changing world.

My mission is to help ambitious professionals led others powerfully in rapidly changing circumstances with a proven and powerful approach to innovate the "Self" through a series of personal micro-transformations that match the velocity of today's pace of change in the marketplace. No other coaching approach addresses the rapid pace of radical change in the world because they focus on tips, techniques and processes designed to motivate and improve performance fitting of 20th-century requirements.

I promise you high-impact thinking, speaking and strategy fitting of 21st-century demands and approach to reality.

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